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I'm Mathilde Riou

I'm a French illustrator and visual facilitator living in Copenhagen, and I help change makers just like you elevate their impact through compelling visual storytelling.

I’m here because I know how powerful a single image can be to bring clarity, spark meaningful conversations and inspire to action.  

And you’re here because you’re ready to make your work visible to the people that matter most to you, through visual stories that translate your passion, amplify your voice and call to action.

Combining my sense of structure, my experience as a facilitator of collaboration, and a lifetime of being a creative, I guide you on a step-by-step journey to turn your inspiring visions and ideas into clear, captivating and actionable illustrations. 

mathilde riou

My main expertises


Translating words and ideas into simple illustrations is second nature to me. 
I’ve been drawing since childhood, but I never thought it could be anything else than a hobby… until I realized that visuals were a powerful tool to tell a story and truly connect with others.


I actually started my career as an engineer and urban planner. This is where I developed an analytical mind and a solid work ethic. I am used to manage complex projects and work both on strategic and tactical levels. If you’re looking for direction and structure, you have it!


From creative problem solving to peer-coaching, I have a solid experience in designing and facilitating group processes that spark meaningful conversations and enable deep change. I can naturally create atmospheres in which you feel at home and can truly be yourself!

Words are not always enough to convey big ideas

My previous work helped municipalities, property developers, architects and citizens collaborate to design better cities together.

Managing the communication between people with various (sometimes conflicting) needs and visions was immensely important to reach a result that everyone is satisfied with. 

Where words were not always enough to understand each other, I realized that visuals could act as a bridge between people, breaking down barriers in communication and promoting clarity and alignment.

I now recognize the full potential of visual facilitation and illustration and I am passionate to share this with the world to make big ideas shine! 

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The power of visuals starts here

Now my mission is to craft captivating illustrations, clear visuals and collaborative experiences that act as a bridge between you and the people that matter most, so that you finally can:

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